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Goats and Sheep


As a consequence of its nature, Sheep trade is characteristically seasonal, which is principally concentrated to the Easter and Christmas periods as well as the month of August. From Hungary we primarily market Sheeps, which are cross-bred with merino and meat-type breeds. The animals are fattened with excellent quality feed, as a result if which their pink, exceptionally high quality and delicious meat is extremely popular. Italy is the destination for the majority of export, where mutton is very popular, especially at Easter and Christmas.
Aside from marketing Hungarian animals, our company purchases Sheeps from Slovakia and Romania as well. In these regions sheep are still kept under traditional circumstances, therefore most of them originate from herds, which are grazed in a natural environment under the supervision of a shepherd. We fatten these animals to a larger weight at our sites and we export the majority of them to Arab countries, where they are extremely popular.


Holland Cows Group specialise in importing and exporting livestock. We oversee the entire process from animal selection and procurement to livestock transport. From animal selection in the country of origin to good after sales and follow-up care,Holland Cows group offers a unique total solution. We can do so because of a broad service package and by closely working together with farmers, traders and other stakeholders.


  • Q. What are the common breeds of dairy cows?

    A. Holstein, Guernsey, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn

  • Q. What original breed of dairy cow comes from Holland?

    A. Holstein Fresien

  • Q. What two colors are the Holstein breed?

    1 - Black and White
    2 - Red and White

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